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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Christian Approach to Law, Order and Justice:definition of law,order and justice and types of law

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Answer Text:
Christian Approach to Law, Order and Justice.
Definition of terms law, order and justice
-Laws are sets of rules that are made to ensure that the community functions effectively.
-The main aim of all laws is to protect people, their property, health and security.
-Laws sometimes restrict our freedom and may discomfort.
- However, this is a discomfort we have to endure if we want our community to function well.
-Citizens are expected to obey the laws failure to which they are punished.
-There are different types of law namely:
-Non-legal laws such as those that operate in schools, clubs and organizations.
-Customary or traditional laws are laws which have developed around the culture and social traditions of different groups.
-Statutory laws or legal laws are laws made by County Governments or national
government and citizens are required to obey them.
There are several types of statutory laws, for example:
-Civil laws are made by parliament to guide citizens in their activities and in relation to one another.
-Criminal law deals with crime and its punishment.
-Constitutional law deals with matters of the state and governance.
-Company law regulates affairs of companies.
-Religious laws are made by different religions to govern their members.