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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Remedies for Inequitable distribution of wealth and resources.

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Answer Text:
Remedies for Inequitable Distribution of Wealth and Resources.
(i) The government has a responsibility to ensure that the country’s wealth and resources are evenly distributed to minimize poverty among its citizens.
(ii) Since all citizens pay taxes to the government, it should then ensure that all regions of a country are developed so that people get essential services such as education, health facilities and other social services.
(iii) The rich should be discouraged from oppressing and exploiting the por. The government should put measures to ensure that employers pay their employees just wages.
(iv) Employment should be offered only to those who merit and not on the account of tribalism, nepotism or racism.
(v) Christians should be encouraged to follow the commandment of “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Luke 10:27).
- In so doing, everybody will be considered as the national resources are shared out.
(vi) The rich should not exploit the poor.
- Wealth is temporary and we should seek first the kingdom of God, then other things will be added to us, including eternal life.
(vii) Globally, the rich countries of the world should share their wealth with the poor ones.
- They should also assist poor nations by writing off their debts and providing fvourable term of trade,
(viii) All people should contribute to the service and the well-being of others according to their capabilities. This would show that they mindful of other people’s welfare.
(ix) Wealth should be fairly distributed at individual, family, community, and national levels.