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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Meaning of Order and Justice

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Answer Text:
Order and Justice
-Order can be defined as peaceful or harmonious condition of a society.
-A peaceful state is one where the citizens can carry out their tasks and duties in an orderly way and without fear.
-It is a situation that allows for mutual respect among people and the authority and
also amongst the people themselves.
-It is a situation where the economy thrives due to political stability of a given state.
-Justice can be defined as the administration of rightful dealings in a fair manner according to agreed standards.
-In a just society, a person can be punished or rewarded according to their actions.
-The punishment given for an offence should be equal to the crime committed.
-Lack of justice brings chaos and mistrust.
-Justice also allows for all people in a country to receive fair treatment from the authorities regardless of their ethnic background and social status.
-Justice is practiced in schools when all students are treated in the same way without discrimination.
-In law courts, the judge conducts the case and gives a ruling against the accused depending on the evidence given.