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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Remedies for Ethnicism or Tribalism.

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Answer Text:
Remedies for Ethnicism or Tribalism.
- The following are some of the remedies that may curb the practice:
(i) The bible condemns tribalism. For example, Jesus did not discriminate against other people but demonstrated His love for all nations by
mixing freely with them.
- Christians should therefore love one another without discrimination.
- They should promote unity because everybody was created by and belong to God.
(ii) People in a country should be sensitized
to appreciate and respect different ethnic groups.
- They should then device strategies that would assist them to work together in love and harmony for the good of all in the society.
(iii) The government should support educational and
cultural programs in a bid to promoting national unity.
- In schools and colleges, young people should be encouraged to participate in sports, drama, music and dances.
- These activities will make them appreciate the cultural diversity of others.
(iv) Another way of discouraging tribalism is through inter-ethnic marriages.
(v) Since tribalism may encourage corruption, for example, if an employer uses tribalism to employ someone at the expense of a qualified
one, then that is corruption.
(vi) The government should create more national schools in the country so as to admit more students from every part of the country.
(vii) Use of a common language in the country is another
unifying factor in Kenya. For example, the move by the government to promote the use and development of Kiswahili as a medium of communication is commendable.
(viii) Domestic tourism should be encouraged through educating people on the benefits of visiting different parts of the country.
- This enables people to meet others from different places and cultures hence promote the spirit of nationalism.