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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Tribalism or Ethnicism as a type of discrimination.

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Answer Text:
Tribalism or Ethnicism as a type of discrimination.
- A tribe or ethnic community refers to a social unit which is held together by common origin or descent, ancestors, history, religion, custom, culture, language and land.
- Tribalism or ethnicism may refer to thinking and
acting in favour of one’s ethnic group at the expense of other ethnic groups.
- Ethnicism is therefore the strong feeling of loyalty to one’s tribe and the biased attitude one may have towards those of other tribes.
- It is a form of discrimination that is
based on one’s tribe. For example, when an employer decides to fill vacant positions with unqualified people from his or her tribe while denying those who are better qualified from other tribes the opportunity, then that is tribalism.
- Ethnicism is mainly based on prejudice where a group of people, due to their ethnic pride and self-righteousness, degrade other groups. The ‘superior’ group usually bases their judgment of the other on scant knowledge, hearsay and stereotypes.
- When those who propagate tribalism are in power, they may protect or hold grip of power by portraying other ethnic communities as threats.
- When this happens, ethnicism becomes immoral and can lead to hatred and even genocide as it has happened in Rwanda and Darfur in western Sudan.
- Discrimination based on tribalism is immoral because it leads to conflicts, wars and denial of human rights. It is contrary to Christian teaching which preaches values like love of neighbor, upholding justice, mutual caring and tolerance.
- Therefore, discrimination based on ethnicity should be discouraged in schools, churches, communities and nation.