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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Sexism or Gender-based discrimination:ways in which gender-based discrimination is manifested in our society.

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Answer Text:
Sexism (Gender-based discrimination).
- This is a form of discrimination that is based on sex and is also known as gender-based discrimination.
- This discrimination particularly refers to the oppression of women.
- Women have suffered discrimination for a long
time in the past and this has marginalized them at local, national and international levels.
Ways in which gender-based discrimination is manifested in our society.
(i) In Education, girls from rural poor families are the most affected in terms of attaining formal education compared to boys.
- This is because when parents have limited resources to provide education for their children, many prefer taking their sons to schools than their daughters.
(ii) Job opportunities are limited for women
because many of them lack adequate education.
(iii) Some cultural practices and beliefs are oppressive to women. For example, in some communities girls are married off at a very early age before they complete schooling.
(iv) Women are oppressed at home as they are overburdened with domestic activities such as cultivating, fetching water, collecting firewood, cooking, taking care of children and their husbands and other domestic chores.
(v) Politically women are marginalized. Despite the fact that most of the voters are women, very few succeed in getting political positions.
(vi) Some religious beliefs and misconceptions portray women as inferior to men. For example, some Christian men use the concept of the origin of sin (Genesis 3) to oppress women in society.