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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Participation in Political Life as a role of Christians in transforming the society

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Answer Text:
(c) Participation in Political Life as a role of Christians in transforming the society.
- In the Old Testament, religious leaders like Moses, Samuel and David, played the role of politicians. They took care of both the religious and political welfare of their people.
- It is not easy to divorce religion from politics
- Christians have always advocated for the interests of the people and speak on their behalf so that resources may be equally distributed.
- Christians are called to offer prayers and provide necessary guidance during official government functions such as the opening of parliament and
during national days like Jamhuri and Madaraka.
- Politicians who are Christians are sworn in using the Bible so that they are bound by Christian ethics while carrying out their duties.
- Christians also exercise their civil rights by voting into Parliament and Local Authorities, people who can
represent the interests of their community properly. Some also seek political seats in parliament and local authorities.
- Christians also speak out against social evils and injustices in the community. They take up issues with the Government and political leaders such as bribery and corruption, violation of the constitution and other human rights issues.
- Christians therefore have the obligation of transforming the society.