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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Reasons why people commit crimes.

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Answer Text:
Reasons why people commit crimes.
(i) Covetousness.
- This is a strong desire to have things that others possess, such as expensive clothes, cars, houses and electronic gadgets.
(ii) Over indulgence in drinking alcohol and drug taking.
- A person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may lose their sense of judgement and cause an accident while driving.
(iii) Desire of power.
- This may lead some people to desire ways of eliminating those in power so that they can take over, for example, their businesses, political positions, workplaces and in government.
(iv) Unemployment and underemployment.
- Many qualified people who do not have jobs or are not meaningfully occupied may turn into criminal activities.
(v) Revenge.
- When people feel that someone in authority has treated them unfairly, and they are not in a position to reason with them, they may resort to taking revenge. For example, by destroying or stealing their property, beating and harassing them.
(vi) Urbanization.
- People from different communities have converged in urban areas.
- Some people do not have a means of livelihood, hence many are unemployed. These people may resort to criminal activities.