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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Rights and duties of a citizen.

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Answer Text:
Rights and duties of a citizen.
-A citizen is a person who is a member of a political society called a state, kingdom or empire and is subject to all its laws.
-A right is what is legally due to a citizen on account of being a member of the state.
-These rights have been adopted in most international instruments and national constitutions.
-There are other rights however, which are not political or civil. These are called socio-economic and cultural rights. They are related to the standard of living in a community.
-Human rights and fundamental freedom should be guaranteed by the state.
-Legal action can be taken against the state, if these rights are violated.
Some examples of human rights and freedoms provided in the Kenyan constitution.
-The right to education.
-Freedom from slavery and forced labour.
-Protection of life.
-Freedom of movement
-Freedom of assembly
-The right to own property.