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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

Church-state relationship: areas of co-operation between the Church and the state

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Answer Text:
- Both political religious matters of the people are inseparable, thus the Church and the state will always relate in one way or another within a given country
- Religion can be said to be the citizens’ watchdog and the conscience of any political set-up.
- The Church and the state play an important role as partners in the well –being of Kenya.
- The following are some of areas of co-operation between the Church and the state:
(i) Religious leaders play the role of advisors of the political set-up.
- The two groups work together for the good of the people.
(ii) Both the church and the state educate the citizens on the meaning of the constitution, and their constitutional rights.
(iii) The Church has shown support to the government by preaching against civil disobedience an informing people of the consequences of such undertakings.
(iv) The Church and the State also work
together during important government functions such as the opening of the National Assembly and Senate during the celebration of national days such as Madaraka day and Jamhuri Day.
- During such days, religious leaders are invited to offer opening prayers.
(v) The Church and the State have also joined together in the rehabilitation of law breakers or those who have been imprisoned.
(vi) The Church and the State have been involved in the development of curricular and curricular materials. For example, the Christian Religious Education (CRE Syllabus and teaching learning material for both primary and secondary schools).
(vii) The Church and State have also worked together in matters of social concern. For example, they have provided appropriate education to people by setting up education and training institutions such as youth polytechnics, schools and colleges.