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 Form 4 CRE: Christian Approach to law, order and Justice lessons

The New Testament teachings on Justice.

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Answer Text:
New Testament teachings on Justice.
- In Luke 3:10-14, John the Baptist preached about the importance of upholding justice by:
(i) Asking the tax collectors not to collect more tax they were supposed to.
(ii) Asking soldiering to be content with their wages and not to rob anyone with violence.
(iii) Asking the rich to share their property with the needy.
(iv) Condemning King Herod’s immoral behavior of taking his brother’s wife.
- Jesus started His ministry by summarizing His role as a Messiah who would bring freedom and justice to the oppressed.
- The Scribes and Pharisees practiced injustice when they brought the adulterous woman to Jesus and not the man who had been with her (John 8:3-11).
- Pilate failed to administer justice even though he found Jesus innocent. He chose to give into the pressure from the chief priests who were determined to have Jesus killed (Luke 23:1-5, 13-25).
- James, in his letter condemns the rich who practice injustice by refusing to pay wages to their workers and committed murder (James 5:4-6).