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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Solutions to the problems facing Nairobi.

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Answer Text:
Solutions to the problems facing Nairobi.
(a) New housing projects are being developed. For example the Mathare slums upgrading project.
(b) Education and other social services are being provided through a cost-sharing scheme
between the government and the town dwellers.
(c) The government is addressing the transport/congestion problem through the upgrading of the Thika superhighway to an eight lane highway.
(d) The government is encouraging the expansion of the informal sector as an alternative source of employment.
(e) The government is rehabilitating street families by taking them to schools to acquire relevant skills to make
them useful to the nation.
(f) New water projects have been put in place. For example, the third Nairobi water Project from River Chania.