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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Factors influencing growth of London.

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Answer Text:
- The capital city of England, it is situated on the estuary of the river Thames. Its name is derived from the name Llyn Dun which means ‘Celtic Lake Fort’.
- By 314 AD, London had become an early centre of Christianity.
Factors influencing growth of London.
(a) Trade-money obtained from trading was used to build the city.
(b) Industrialization-industry such as textile, ship building, metal works, etc led to the growth of London.
(c) Improved transport –London is well served by a network of railway and roads. This facilitated the movement of goods and people.
(d) Shipping activities-there are many harbours in London enabling expanded loading and unloading activities.
(e) Population growth – this provided a higher purchase power for local industries.