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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Functions of Nairobi City

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Answer Text:
Functions of Nairobi.
(a) It was a transport and communication centre. The city is inter-connected with roads which served various parts of the country.
(b) It is an administrative capital with offices for the head of state,
cabinet, parliament and department of defense.
(c) It is a regional headquarter of various international bodies like UN, ILO etc.
(d) It is a commercial and financial centre. Many financial institutions such as banks and other commercial and trading activities attract a lot of traders.
(e) An industrial centre. Nairobi’s industrial area hosts many key industries in Kenya and east Africa.
(f) It is an educational centre, housing institutions like the University of Nairobi, kenya polytechnic and other key institutions.
(g) It is a tourist centre. The town boasts of various tourist attractions such as the Nairobi National Park, National Museums etc.