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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Factors for the growth of Cairo.

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Answer Text:
- This is the capital city of Egypt. The city was founded in 969 AD when the conquerors from Tunisia, ‘The Fatimid Dynasty’ invaded and conquered Egypt.
Factors for the growth of Cairo.
(a) The Nile River provided water for domestic use and was also a means of transport. This enabled Cairo to grow.
(b) Availability of water for irrigation which increased food production and influenced growth of Cairo.
(c) Industrial development –various industries developed in Cairo. Food processing industries and construction works. The industries attracted migrants from rural areas.
(d) Fertile Nile Valley. The Valley had adequate rainfall and the river always carried silt which it deposited downstream to provide.
(e) The Suez Canal which was opened in 1869 opened a new trade route which encouraged the arrival of thousands of Europeans.
(f) Commercial activities like trade-location along trade routes. The Strategic location along the Nile attracted caravans which would pass through Cairo from North, west and Central Africa.
(g) The opening of the Aswan High Dam in
1902 enhanced food production through irrigation thus influencing Cairo’s growth.