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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Factors influencing the growth of Kilwa.

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Answer Text:
- The town is among the city states that developed along the east African coast.
- Her greatness was due to the Persian influence.
- One of its Shirazi rulers from Banadir Coast in Persia, Ali Ibn Hassan, transformed the town into a large city.
Factors influencing the growth of Kilwa.
(a) Exemplary leadership provided by the Shirazi Leaders who kept enemies off and forced the neighbouring city-states to pay tribute to Kilwa.
(b) The strategic location of Kilwa enabled her to attract merchants as it was a convenient stopping place.
(c) Monopoly of the sofala Gold Trade. The control of the Sofala Gold trade had fallen in the hands of Kilwa by 1300 AD.
(d) The gleaming buildings of Kilwa such as the great Mosque and palace made her the Jewel of the Zenj Coast, minting her own coins to add to her prosperity.