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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Impact of industrial revolution on urbanization in the world.

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Answer Text:
Impact of industrial revolution on urbanization in the world.
(a) The establishment of many factories drew many people to towns in search of employment the mining industry attracted many people to work in the mines.
(b) Industrial revolution stimulated innovations in transport and communication ensuring faster movement of people to further expansion of trading towns.
(c) The growth of industry has led to expansion of port towns to handle
increased manufactured goods for export and raw material for factories e.g. growth of London, Budapest, Marseilles, Lagos and Cairo.
(d) The use of machines replaced human labour and caused layoffs. Those who lost their jobs sometimes became a security risk hence an increase in crime.
(e) The many inefficient factories that came up after the revolution have caused massive air and water pollution.
(f) Rural urban migration has exerted pressure on the limited resources and services the towns can offer.