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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Problems facing Nairobi City

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Answer Text:
Problems facing Nairobi.
(a) Rural-urban migration by the job seekers causing overcrowding in the city.
(b) Unemployment has continued to increase with the growing population.
(c) Poor housing. The population growth in Nairobi to 3 million has not corresponded to the development of housing.
(d) Inadequate social services including health services and educational facilities.
(e) Congestion on roads caused by an increase in the number of vehicles
on the roads while the road network is not expanding.
(f) Poor town planning has led to poor drainage, especially during heavy rains when a lot of flooding occurs.
(g) Pollution continues to be a major challenge in Nairobi. The factories located in the city are a cause of air and noise pollution.
(h) Water shortage caused by the high rate of expansion in the town and the depletion of water reservoirs.