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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Functions of Meroe during the colonial period.

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Answer Text:
Functions of Meroe during the colonial period.
(a) Meroe was a centre of iron working hence an early industrial centre.
(b) A mining centre since Meroe had iron ore, which it mined.
(c) A religious function since it had many temples where people worshipped their gods. The priests who headed the Meroe church had their headquarters in Meroe.
(d) It was a centre of trade.
(e) It was an administrative and political centre.
(f) Transport centre-major trade routes converged and radiated from Meroe.
Factors that led to decline of Merowe.
(a) The rise of Axum kingdom of Ethiopia which denied her access to the red sea.
(b) The increasing desertification of the region, perhaps due to the rapid deforestation.