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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on urbanization

Meaning of Urbanization, Early urbanization in Africa and Factors that influenced development of urban centres in Africa.

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Answer Text:
- This is the process by which people are attracted to live in towns or large settlements.
- An urban centre is any area with a human population of 20,000 people or more.
Early Urbanization.
- Some of the early urban centres in Africa included Cairo, Meroe/Merowe and Kilwa.
Factors that influenced development of urban centres in Africa.
(a) Existence of transport routes-Meroe/Merowe located at an
intersection of transport routes.
(b) Availability of water for irrigation which increased food production and influenced growth of towns e.g. Cairo.
(c) Industrial development –areas of industries grew up as towns since they attracted laborers e.g. Cairo.
(d) Commercial activities like trade-location along trade routes.
(e) Strategic location which ensured security and thus ample growth e.g. Kilwa.
(f) Growth of religion –some grew rapidly because they were religious centres.
(g) Mining –led to development of towns’ e.g. Meroe, Johannesburg.