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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

The effects of abortion

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Answer Text:
The effects of abortion:
Medical research has shown that there are numerous immediate and long term complications which could arise out of abortion such as the following:
-Stillbirth: A woman who aborts may never give birth to live babies in future. The reason may be that during abortion some of the
reproduction organs may have been destroyed.
-Infertility: The mother may never get another baby after abortion because she may contract infections after abortion that may render her infertile.
-Foetal malformation: Future pregnancies may result in the deformation of the unborn child.
-Premature babies: The mother who aborted may never be able to have full term pregnancies due to the destruction of the uterus or cervix at the time of abortion.
-Risk of death: Expectant mothers may die in the process of aborting due to excess bleeding.
-Depression: Abortion is contrary to maternal instinct and so after an abortion, the woman may suffer serious psychological disturbances which may have long term effects. She may never stop feeling guilty for what she did even if no one knew about it!