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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

Adultery and punishments given to those who commit adultery

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Answer Text:
Adultery is illicit sexual intercourse between a man or a woman who is married and someone other than his or her marriage partner. It is an act of irresponsible sexual behavior and is condemned by both the traditional African and Christian teaching.
In traditional African communities, different forms of punishment were administered to offenders. For example, the offender would be:
-Whipped especially adulterous men.
-Asked to pay compensation to the offended family.
-Divorced especially the adulterous wife.
-Cursed and excommunicated from the community.
-Lose respect and leadership position in society (if he was an elder).
-Have part of his or her body mutilated.
-Stoned to death.
-Sent back to her parents for re-education on importance of faithfulness in marriage.
-Mocked and ridiculed in songs and dances.
Christianity also condemns adultery as a moral offence. The Christian teaching is derived from the Bible. For example, the seventh commandment forbids adultery:
“You shall not commit adultery”
Paul condemns adultery as an immoral act caused by the desires of the flesh and human weakness (Galatians 5:16-19). The Church’s teaching holds that adultery is a sin against God’s purposes for marriage which are for mutual love, companionship and procreation.