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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

What are the reasons that lead people to engage in pre-marital sex?

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Answer Text:
Fornication refers to sexual intercourse between unmarried people. It is an act of irresponsible sexual behavior and is condemned by both the traditional African society and Christian teaching. In traditional African society offenders are punished through payment of fines, stoning and they have to undergo ritual cleansing. In
the Old Testament the Mosaic Law had strict rules which forbade the seduction of a virgin.
Saint Paul taught that sexual intercourse before marriage is wrong because it defiles the body of a Christian which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
What are the reasons that lead people to engage in pre-marital sex?
-Human weakness: Some people are morally weak and are not able to resist sexual temptations even when they know its devastating consequences.
-Sexual curiosity: Some youth want to have an experience “to know what it is like” and their sense of curiosity becomes so strong that it overcomes their sense of right and wrong.
-Proving manhood: A boy may engage in sex to prove to himself or to his girlfriend that he is not impotent.
-Testing fertility: A young man may want to make sure that his future partner will be able to have children before he marries her.
-Fear of being jilted: A girl may consent to pre-marital
sex because her boyfriend threatens to leave her if she does not.
-Poverty: Lack of basic necessities of life such as food,clothing and cosmetics may lead to some girls turning to prostitution (commercial sex work) as a way of earning a living.
-Availability of contraceptives: Some
young people engage in pre-marital sex without any fear of pregnancy because of the easy access to contraceptives.
-Peer pressure: Youth may engage in pre-marital sex due to peer pressure in order to be accepted in a group.
-Influence from both print and electronic media: There are plenty of
pornographic literature, videos, films on the internet and traditional media and erotic music, which promote promiscuity.
-Frustration: Some youth who may be frustrated due to certain factors like poor performance in school, family problems. Low self-esteem and poverty may seek consolation in sex among other things.
-Unemployment: Many school leavers and college leavers may be lured into sex with promises of jobs and other favours from their prospective employers.
-Decline in traditions: Decline in traditional African values has led to the creation of a permissive society.
-Drug and alcohol abuse: People who engage in drug and alcohol abuse are not in a position to make correct moral decisions and choices.