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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

Some preventive measures women take against being raped

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Answer Text:
Some preventive measures women take against being raped.
(i) To dress decently in a manner that one does not draw attention to men and tempt them.
(ii) Avoid walking alone in isolated or badly lit lanes and paths.
(iii) Not to ask for lifts or even accept lifts from strangers.
(iv) To trust one’s instincts by listening to the sixth sense. If you see someone that sets off your internal alarms, pay attention to it for it’s communicating of danger of that person.
(v) When attacked, one can scream to alert other people for rescue being raped.
(vi) Never trust one’s relatives for they can turn to be rapists in a very convenient way hence it’s good to have that respect for one’s family members.