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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

The effects of fornication

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Answer Text:
The effects of fornication:
-Birth of children out of wedlock
Children born in this manner may not be cared for sufficiently, in terms of not only food and clothing, but love and security of a father and mother.
-Feelings of hurt: Fornication may lead to hurting the feelings of the girl, boy, their parents or
even the child that may be born out of such a relationship.
-Feeling of distrust: A boy or a girl who has been involved in pre-marital sex may not be trusted by the future partner. This is always the fear that a person may not be faithful in marriage.
-Guilt feelings: Those who engage in pre-marital sex
experience feelings of guilt and fear of being found out and getting pregnant. They may also be haunted all their lives by the feelings of regret. Some may even commit suicide due to feelings of remorse and rejection.
-Contracting HIV and STIs
Those who engage in pre-marital sex are more likely
to contract HIV and STIs than those who do not. This in turn may lead to damaging of the reproductive organs and possibly death.
-Loss of self-respect
A young person who habitually engages in fornication loses his or her self-respect, self-esteem and dignity. She or he is likely not to get a decent partner
for marriage. She or he is also likely to be abused by their partner because they got into marriage with history of misconduct.
-Early and forced marriage
Some parents are so angered by their daughters who get pregnant while in school that they may force them to marry those responsible for the pregnancy.