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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

What is the Impact of HIV and AIDS?

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Answer Text:
Impact of HIV and AIDS:
-The burden of caring for orphans is often shifted to grandparents. At other times such orphans are left on their own and the older child in the family takes the role of the head of the household
-As more adults continue to die from the disease, the population of AIDS orphans is also increasing.
-The AIDS patient eventually dies and this brings sorrow to the family.
-AIDS affects the most sexually active and economically
productive members of the society (15-50 years). Their deaths therefore severely affect the economy of the household and the nation.
-Deaths from AIDS in families increase poverty in the household if the bread-winner was the infected.
-People living with HIV and AIDS also experience guilt feelings and may think that God is punishing them for some wrong doings.
-People living with HIV and AIDS may be discriminated upon in their work places and may not be hired for jobs.
-People living with HIV and AIDS may be denied their basic human rights. They may be denied the right to travel, marry and have children, employment and further education.