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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

Prostitution and its causes

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Answer Text:
Prostitution ( Commercial sex work)
Prostitution is the offering of one’s body for sexual purposes in return for money and other favours. This practice was unheard of in the traditional African communities, but was started during the colonial times. It is a prevalent social practice in our society today.
Causes of prostitution:
-When married men move to towns leaving their wives in the rural areas, they may turn to prostitutes as a way of fulfilling their sexual desires. On the other hand, wives left behind could also turn to prostitution for the same reasons.
-Some women may turn to prostitution because of
poverty either because they are unemployed or have been separated from their husbands.
-Drugs and alcohol may lead women into prostitution in order to get money to support the habit.
-Men with uncontrollable sexual desires who cannot be sexually satisfied by their wives usually turn to
prostitution for further satisfaction.
-Boys or girls who keep bad company may be influenced by their peers into prostitution for financial gain.
-Pornographic books, films and sex sites on the internet may influence those who read and watch them to start the practice.
-Children from broken homes are likely to develop a negative attitude towards permanent marriage relationships and may prefer casual contacts with prostitutes. Those who happen to be children of prostitutes may also end up becoming the same.
-It has also been observed that some women who may
be employed, but out of greed for luxurious goods, resort to prostitution as a way of supplementing their income.