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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

The effects of prostitution

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Answer Text:
The effects of prostitution:
-The union with a prostitute has no lasting satisfaction, and lacks the emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual dimensions of a sexual union within marriage.
-Prostitution undermines the real purpose of sex which is for the procreation of children in a family context.
-The woman prostitute has a limited period of attraction, since after a number of years she becomes too old to continue with the trade. The family and society at large may not receive her kindly.
-Prostitution encourages the spread of sexually transmitted diseases because most prostitutes are known to suffer from such diseases.
If a man is infected with the disease he may infect his wife. Some of these STIs are known to make some women infertile.
-Some young girls drop out of school at an early age so as to turn to prostitution. This interferes with the prospects of being productive in their country in future.
-Prostitution has been known to be one of the main factors of breaking up family units. When one of the married partners turns to prostitution, and the other discovers it, this leads to lack of trust in the other, hence separation or divorce.
-Prostitution may be seen as a misuse of money and resources by married men.
Their families are denied the basic requirements for their survival.
-It has been established that many crimes are committed in areas where prostitution is rampant. Criminals normally make the houses of female prostitutes as their hide-out and for stolen goods as well.