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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

Effects of adultery

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Answer Text:
Effects of adultery:
-It can lead to unplanned pregnancy, which leads to abortion.
-It can lead to contracting STIs and HIV.
-It breaks the unity of the husband and wife and violates the conjugal rights of the offended partners.
-It may lead to violence, for example, the betrayed
spouse becomes bitter, aggressive and may start a fight which may result to injury and damage.
-It can lead to divorce and separation. The offended partner may decide to walk out of marriage in annoyance.
-It can lead to feelings of guilt and regrets by the unfaithful partner.
-It can lead to neglect of family responsibilities and sometimes abandoning one family to live with another man or woman.
-It can lead to death of the unfaithful partner through vengeance from the offended spouse.