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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on responsible sexual behaviour

The effects of divorce

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Answer Text:
The effects of divorce
-Divorce may make all those involved feel like failures.
-Divorcees stand great temptation of turning to prostitution, partly for economic reasons for the woman and partly to satisfy their sexual desires for the man.
-In some Christian churches where separation is allowed
but remarriage is not permitted, divorce may lead to the abandonment of the church by the couple.
-A refund of bride-wealth to the family of the man is not always easy neither is it fair if the mistake lies with the man.
-If a divorced woman remarries, it is not always easy for her to be fully
accepted in the new husband’s family. This may result in strained relationships.
-Children of divorced parents suffer psychologically as both parents are necessary in their growth. Such children may end up never adjusting to a marriage life in future. Some
may become delinquents, criminals and social misfits.
-If the woman remarries, the children from the previous marriage may experience rejection in the new home.
-The in-laws in the previous marriage may hate one another leading to strained relations.
-It leads to single-parent families.