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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

Resian takes time to heal and regain her strength back. While she heals, the enkoiboni berates her with insults. Meanwhile, Olarinkoi pays her a visit and apologies for assaulting her. He also to inform her about her intended circumcision and their fleeing to Tanzania before Oloisudori and Kaelo should get to them. On the other hand, the woman who had been taking care of her, the Enkabaani (medicine woman and nurse) is looking for a way to secure Resian’s freedom from the forced molestation and unconsented marriage.
As Resian waits for Nabaru to return, she dreams a dreadful dream in which she fights the Enkamuratani who wants to circumcise her, enkoiboni and when he is about to attack Nabaru, she is woken up by somebody calling her name. She is unable to stand to open the door which she finally does after great effort. Nabaru administers some medicine through her mouth and she regains consciousness. She succeeds in securing a...

 (12m 11s)
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