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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

It is a new dawn for the girls, Taiyo and Resian. They are woken up by the chattering birds unlike in Nakuru Town where the noises made by the vehicles woke them up. This marks the beginning of change as they were able to notice that the tranquility and serenity in
the village is something they had never experienced. As they gaze through the window, Resian being observant notices three other houses which she guessed belonged to her uncles’ wives.
They are then called by a woman who introduces herself to them as the senior-most aunt. They are introduced to their other sisters who are actually their cousins whom they joined for breakfast.
The girls are allowed by their mother to go for a walk even though she reminds them to be cautious. As they are walking, Resian shares with her sister her observations since they came to their uncles’ homestead. She feels that the children are many and yet she observed that two of their aunts are...

 (11m 22s)
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