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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

As soon as the girls, Resian and Taiyo , finishes serving supper to Joseph Permuat and the stranger, their father came into the house. They are summoned by their mother that their father wants to speak to them. He introduces Joseph Permuat to them that the Parmuat’s family and Kaelo’s family are one.
This information did not change Taiyo’s feeling towards Permuat and decides to make him her confidant. This was not the case with Resian as it irked her terribly to have listened to their father preparing them for a journey that she thought was to lead them back to stone-age. She also suspects that Taiyo would use her newly acquired acquaintance to marginalize her.
They are visited by their aunt, Botorr who joins them in the kitchen. Resian expresses her resistance to being taught to please male-counterparts. According to her, they can also cook and they should also learn to please female. Her mother, sister and aunt are shocked at her...

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