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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

Resian and Olarinkoi gets into a pick up to start their journey to Emakererei’s ranch. Resian takes Olarinkoi for his word and elopes with him. Being desperate to get away from her parents and Oloisudori. At the beginning, she is very optimistic and happy that finally her salvation has come. She suffers silently behind the pick-up truck to her destination. The driver and Olarinkoi ignores her existence throughout the journey. Her hopes are dashed when she realizes that Olarinkoi had kidnapped her for himself. He had no plans of taking her to Emakererei. He talks to her harshly that she wonders why he has suddenly turned from a person she had known to a beast.
Olarinkoi attempts to rape her but she gets the better of him. Resian bites his thumb and in defense, he hits her on the ribcage making her passes out. After her recovery, she wins the affection of the woman who nursed her.
Olarinkoi's mother comes and admonishes her for...

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