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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

Oloisudori invites Ole Kaelo and the wife to one of his six homes in Naivasha with an intention of showing off his wealth and the house he has built for their daughter so that they can easily convince her to marry him. Oloisudori compares Resian with one of the legendary beauty in the land and this greatly flatters Ole Kaelo. He also compares her with lord Ngata an English lady who drove a legendary gentleman crazy, building a stately castle for her, but the lady finally refused to marry him hence making the gentleman hate women for the rest of his life. Ole Kaelo informs Oloisudori of her daughter’s plan to join the University and he is even ready to enroll her as a parallel student at Egerton if she marries him. However, she must undergo circumcision before he can marry her. Ole Kaelo regards Resian lucky and hopes his other daughter would find such a rich man who could give him generous dowry without a mention of what he has...

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