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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

The novel begins by introducing to us a lady by the name Taiyo. Taiyo is watching how her father organizing and directing truck loaders, who are loading their family belongings into the moving trucks. She is trying to come into terms with the fact that they are relocating from Nauru, where she has lived for twenty years of her life. They
are moving to their home village Nasila. Her father Ole Kaelo, has been retrenched forcing them to vacate their house for the village.
In this chapter we are introduced to a family of four, father, mother and their two daughters. Taiyo has one sister, Nasila who is equally disturbed by the fact that they are leaving Nakuru town for good. She is afraid that her ambition of
going to Egerton University will never come to be accomplished.
After they were ready for their departure, their mother, Mama Jane Milano, prays and they left for the village. On their way to Nasila, one of the trucks develops...

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