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 Chapter Summary of Blossoms of the Savannah

The incident of Ole Kaelo’s daughters’ near-rape angers him so much that he walks telling any man he meets of the corruption of Nasila morals. He goes to the school where Joseph Parmuat teaches together with twenty other armed young men. He narrates the ordeal to Joseph Permuat who is also agitated that he too was trembling. He parades all pupils, and sends boys from the Ilmolelian clan to go and call their elder brothers and fathers to an urgent meeting at Oerata plain. After a long deliberation, it was eventually concluded that the culprits were Lante son of Kanyira and of Ilukumae clan and Ntara son of Muyo, also of the Ilukumae clan.
The search for the two criminals begin. They are caught and they manage to run and fall between the two feet of two old men. They are spared since it is the Nasila culture to spare someone who runs between an old man feet for rescue. But still they are clobbered, slapped and kicked after which they..

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