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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

Importance of space exploration to man.

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Answer Text:
Importance of space exploration to man.
(a) Spacecrafts continue to provide information about conditions in space in particular about the weather.
(b) Reports derived from weather satellite can act as warning systems about impending storm.
(c) It helps us to gain more knowledge about our planet earth.
(d) Communication satellites like the Telstra and Relay have made it possible to send television programmes and telephone calls over much longer distances.
(e) In 1965, the US achieved another momentous feat in space communication.
- The mariner4 in a deep space probe sent back pictures of mars that were taken as it passed the planet.
(f) Some space exploration offers possibilities without limit. Planets themselves may have metals and other resources that men on earth need.
(g) Information about outer space may make it possible to make rain and make long-range weather forecast more accurately than before.
(h) Some scientists are optimistic that space research might make it possible for human beings to settle on some planets; so far, we are not very definite about this.