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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

Results or impact of air transport.

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Answer Text:
Results of air transport.
1. Air transport is a major global employer. The air transport industry directly generates 5.5 million jobs globally and contributes USD 408 billion to global GDP.
2. Air transport is an important facilitator of international trade, thereby promoting economic growth and development.
3. Air transport stimulates Tourism which makes a major contribution to the global economy. The air transport industry plays a major role in supporting tourism.
4. Air transport is a significant tax payer. Unlike other transport modes, the air transport industry directly pays for its own infrastructure costs.
5. Air transport expands the range of consumer choices and opportunities to visit other countries and to experience new cultures.
6. Air transport delivers humanitarian aid. Air services play an essential role in humanitarian assistance to countries facing natural disasters, famine and war – through cargo deliveries, refugee transfers or the evacuation of people trapped by natural disasters.
7. Air transport also plays a vital role in the rapid delivery of Medical supplies and organs for transplantation worldwide.