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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

Importance of the discovery and use of the steamship.

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Answer Text:
Importance of the discovery and use of the steamship.
(a) Man could no longer depend on nature – wind for power. This made travel by sea easier and more comfortable.
(b) It led to expansion of international trade since transportation became cheap.
(c) Bigger volumes and varieties of goods could be carried including those that required special handling like petrol.
(d) It formed the basis for colonization as colonizers could move to other continents easily.
(e) It increased international migrations and spread of races , cultures, diseases , intermarriages, languages and religion.
(f) It led to greater expansion of geographical knowledge. It gave access to countries bordered by sea.
(g) It led to expansion of world economies, industries, trade and commerce.
(h) Spread of plants and animals internationally.