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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

The use of the wheel in transport and ways in which invention of the wheel impacted on road transport.

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Answer Text:
The use of the wheel in transport.
- The wheel was invented in sumeria at about 3000bc.
- By 2500BC, they had invented the spooked wheel used on horse drawn chariots.
- The chariot was used in Mesopotamia at around 2000BC and later spread
to Egypt, Persia, Rome, China, Africa and Europe.
- The cart or wagon pulled by humans or animals was the first wheeled vehicle.
- The wheeled wagons and carts created the need for roads.
- Today, many types of wheels are in use. For example, the steering wheel for cars, turbines for jet engines and gyroscopes used in the automobile pilot technology.
Ways in which invention of the wheel impacted on road transport.
(a) More roads were constructed to use wheel vehicles for transport.
(b) Road transport became faster and efficient.
(c) Bigger loads could be carried hence was cost effective – profitable.
(d) It made the use of motor engine driven vehicles possible.
(e) It enabled man to move over long distance to disseminate ideas and interact.