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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

The bicycle in modern transport and its invention

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Answer Text:
The bicycle in modern transport.
- In 1790, a Frenchman, de Divrac made the first bicycle which was pushed with the feet thus called a walkalong.
- A German named Baron Karl Drais invented a walk along called draisine which had a steering bar connected to the front wheel.
- In 1860, Ernes Michaux, a French locksmith, invented a bicycle with two wheels and pedals attached to the front wheel.
- In 1866, Piere Allement a Frenchman, was given the first patent on a bicycle, boneshaker. It had iron
wheels fixed to wooden spokes.
- In 1873, a bicycle named a high-wheeler was introduced in England. The first bicycle in England was made by Kirk Patrick Macmillan of Scotland.
- James Starley is referred to as the father of the cycle industry. In 1870, he invented the tension spoked wheel in which the rim and the hub were connected by wire spokes.
- John Dunlop invented the tyre filled with compressed air in 1888 which replaced the iron tyres and solid rubber tyres.
- In 1893, a bicycle with a diamond shaped frame with a roller-chain-drive and a compressed air wheel was invented.
- The bicycle is today used all over the world not only for transport, but also for sporting and leisure activities.