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 Form 2 History and Government online lessons on transport

Meaning of animal transport , examples of animals used and disadvantages of using Horses

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Answer Text:
Animal transport.
- Early human beings used the domesticated animals to carry loads on their backs or pull carts. Such animals are referred to as pack animals.
- In 500 , a paddled collar was devised that rested on the animals’ shoulders. In 200 AD, saddles were introduced in Egypt.
- Horse shoes were introduced in 700 AD.
- The first animals to be used as pack animals; they were used in Egypt as early as 3400bc to carry weight up to 80kg.
- They were commonly used in the trade between Nubia and South Sudan.
- Referred to as draught animals used for ploughing and pulling carts and also transportation of goods and people.
- They were first rode but were later trained to pull wagons, chariots and passenger coaches.
- In the Roman Empire, they carried soldiers during war. Disadvantages of horses.
(a) It is highly susceptible to diseases.
(b) It cannot survive in tsetse fly infected areas.
(c) The weight limit of the load it can carry is 120kg
(d) They are not suitable in arid and semi-arid areas because they need a lot of water.