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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Types of communication

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Answer Text:
Types of Communication
1. Verbal communication-communication by word of mouth e.g. telephone, face to face and radio.
2. Written communication-communication by writing e.g. letters. Magazines, newspapers and journals.
3. Audio-visual communication-
communication by using a combination of sounds, signs and pictures e.g. gestures, beating drums, smoke, shouting in a special way, television, etc.
Telecommunication Services
- Communication over a distance using cables or wireless communication e.g.
1. Telephone-converts sound into electronic signals and back to sound waves at the receiving end.
2. Facsimile (fax)- send information through telephone lines by converting written information into electronic signals and back to written at the receiving end.
3. Internet-global network of computers linked via telephone and enables individuals to send e-mail. It is the fastest, cheapest and connected all over the world.