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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Disadvantages of water transport

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Answer Text:
Disadvantages of water transport.
(a) Many water ways are affected by water fluctuation like low volumes and high volumes which make them to flow swiftly which make them unnavigable.
(b) Water transport is the slowest and unsuitable for perishables, casualties and medicines.
(c) Great loses are incurred during accidents such as fire outbreaks, typhoons, tsunamis and mechanical breakdown due to the large carrying capacity of the vessel.
(d) High capital is required in the purchasing of modern shipping vessels and maintenance of parts.
(e) Ocean transport is available only to people who live near water ways unlike roads which are flexible.
(f) Insecurity in the oceans where pirates steal from and attack sailing ships.
(g) Sea vessels greatly contribute to water pollution as most of the wastes are thrown into the sea.