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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Disadvantages of railway transport

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Answer Text:
Disadvantages of railway transport
(a) Very slow means of movement especially of perishable and urgently required goods.
(b) Expensive to construct as much iron and steel is used to construct railway lines and trains.
(c) Inflexible in that railway lines aren’t available all over the country and their direction cannot be changed.
(d) Are affected adversely by terrain as where there are steep gradients, tunnels and winding tracks have to be used which adds to the cost of setting up railway system.
(e) Specific gauge of railway line can only be used by a specific design of train unlike roads which can be used by many varieties of vehicles.
(f) Trains can’t use rails while they are being constructed unlike roads which can be used while they are being constructed, improved or even repaired.