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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Inland water ways and examples of navigable rivers of Africa

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Answer Text:
Inland Water Ways
- Movement of goods and people over rivers, lakes and canals.
Examples of Navigable Rivers of Africa
- Section of R. Congo
- R. Nile from Uganda to Khartoum
- R. Ogowe in Gabon.
- Sections of R. Niger
- Tana
- Zambezi
Examples of Navigable Rivers in Other Parts of the World.
- R. Rhine and its tributaries main, Meuse and Ruhr.
- Mississippi and its tributaries Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.
- Mackenzie, Yukon, Nelson and Albany in N. America.
- Most important water way in N. America is the St. Lawrence Sea Way.
- Examples of Lakes which are inland water ways are such as Victoria (largest inland waterway in E. Africa, Tanganyika, Malawi, Albert and also
man-made lakes such as Kariba, Nasser, Volta and Kainji.