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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Factors which have hindered development of river transport in Africa.

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Answer Text:
Factors Which Have Hindered Development of River Transport in Africa.
1. Inadequate capital to develop waterways, ports and for the purchase of vessels.
2. Fluctuation of water levels which makes sailing difficult as a result of rivers passing through dry areas.
3. Presence of rapids and waterfalls which hinders the vessels’ movement.
4. Siltation of rivers which makes their channels shallow hence hindering movement of vessels.
5. Presence of floating vegetation which makes it difficult for vessels to sail due to narrowing of the river channel.
6. Most rivers pass through unproductive zones hence it’s uneconomical to develop river transport.
7. Rivers flow across political boundaries which may require negotiation in order for the countries involved to use them for transport.
8. Inadequate technology.