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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Meaning of water transport ,vessels used in water transport and features of liners

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Answer Text:
Water Transport
- It involves movement of goods and people over waterways/ water bodies.
- Water transport is classified into two: Sea Waterways/ marine water transport and inland water ways.
Sea Waterways/ Marine Water Transport
- Involves movement of goods and people over seas. There are the following types of vessels used in sea transport:
1. Liners
- They are ship with the following characteristics:
- Operate along fixed routes and time schedules.
- They transport both people and goods.
- Fixed rate of freight charges.
- There are two types of liners:
Passenger Liners
- Carry people and small valuable items.
- Have luxurious facilities e.g. cinemas, shops, banks, hotels, etc.
Cargo Liners
- For carrying both goods and people.
- Have loading and unloading facilities.
- Slower in speed
- Less prestigious
- Smaller in size compared to passenger liners.
- Some carry different products while other carry specialized goods e.g. petroleum.
2. Tramps
- They are ships meant for transporting cargo.
- No fixed routes or schedules.
- Are slower in speed.
-Have lower freight charges compared to liners.