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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

The involvements of the sea way project

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Answer Text:
What the Seaway Project Was Involved In
(a) Dredging of the shallow sections to deepen to accommodate large shipping vessels.
(b) Formation of water reservoirs behind dams to drown rapids allowing ocean vessels to move along the routes.
(c) Installation of radar and light on ships to improve the navigation of ships in order to avoid accidents.
(d) Blasting to remove the rocky islands and narrow sections along the sea route.
(e) Construction of canals to join the lakes and bypass obstacles e.g.
- Soo Canals to join L.Superior and Huron.
- Welland Canal joining L. Erie and Ontario to bypass Niagara Falls.
- New York State Barge Canal to connect L. Erie to Hudson River.